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World of Warcraft X RockLove Horde Signet Ring 

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Unleash the power and unyielding spirit of the Horde with our meticulously crafted Horde Signet Ring. This imposing signet ring is forged from nickel-free artisan brass and thickly plated in durable white rhodium, adorned with antiqued details that accentuate its intricate design.

Every surface tells a tale of Horde strength, featuring iconic symbolism: sculpted bones, tusks, and feathers resonate with the essence of the faction. At its heart lies a genuine red jasper gemstone with black flecks and matrix, adding a bold and primal touch. The stone is cut in a polished square pyramid shape set on the diamond angle, encircled by a carved chain with stud and spike details. On each side of the ring, the iconic shield motif evokes the fierce spirit of the Horde, carved in bold relief, with one side featuring sculpted feathers and the other adorned with tusks and bones - symbols of courage and unity. Inside the ring, the engraved battle cry "For the Horde!" serves as a silent oath, resonating with the wearer's unyielding allegiance.

As you wear this Horde Signet Ring, sense the weight of raw power and honor, embodying the fierce spirit of World of Warcraft's legendary saga. Wear it proudly, for this ring not only encapsulates the essence of the Horde but becomes a symbol of your commitment to a cause that transcends realms and battles.

Each piece is unique: color and matrix (mineral veins and varied crystallized grains) are naturally occurring. Your Red Jasper gemstone will vary; a truly one-of-a-kind piece!

The World of Warcraft X RockLove Collector's Box: Each signet ring arrives in a World of Warcraft X RockLove Collector's Box, with exterior in deep black cherry-colored leatherette featuring an aged, distressed texture, revealing glimpses of brighter burgundy. The iconic World of Warcraft X RockLove logo is raised in silver metallic embossing. As the lid lifts up and opens like a flap, a soft grey canvas unfolds, adorned with intricate patterns featuring the revered symbols of Horde, Alliance, and the World of Warcraft franchise. The ring nestles within grey flocking with additional black silkscreened branding. A compelling addition to any display case.

  • Genuine Red Jasper Gemstone
  • White Rhodium Plated Nickel-Free Artisan Brass
  • 20mm x 20mm Top Design
  • 6mm Wide Band, 8mm Atop Finger
  • Officially Licensed World of Warcraft Product